Environment: Rack, Gondola, Showroom

Panel Counts: up to 5 per unit

Material: Steel

Indoor / Outdoor: Both


InLine PivotWing


Mount panels up to 3" thick, directly to any flat surface. You can place as many units end to end as you like for a consistent presentation. Panels self-return to reduce damage and provide the same presentation to each customer. Choose left or right resting displays, or a combination. Our patented Pivots will not break or bind. Guaranteed!

Wall mounting hardware not included.


Wall Mount Door Display
Wall Mount door display
Showroom Door Display
Showroom Door Display
Inline Wallmount with add ons

Load Capacity: 600 lbs / Pivot

Shipping Weight: 50 lbs.

Shipping Size: 24in x 10in x 4in

Finish: Grey (custom colours avail.)

For more information, Call us toll-free at: 1-888-478-7284 x221 or send us an e-mail!

All PivotWing systems come with our NEW Lifetime Pivoting Performance Guarantee!

Add Ons:

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