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When it comes to comprehensive, in-store design, Strath Elgin are the experts that will bridge your ideas to impactful, creative programs - adding structure to your vision, enhancing the customer experience and have you selling more!

We bring structure to choice. Our approach to in-store category management engages and educates the customer, enabling them to make confident buying decisions.


Work with our Design Team to maximize your retail presence and get the best return on your investment. Through our fully customizable retail display and fixture program, you can enhance any gondola or rack environment.

Racking / Gondola not included.


Gain valuable insight on advertising criteria, branding guidelines, shipping standards, packaging requirements and more! We're familiar with many major retailers' standards, and can help you enter new markets with your product set in beautiful and functional displays.

Retail Merchandising


Pivoting Product Display System

SE FlipBook

Catalogue Display System

Overhead Signage

Instore Communications and Signage Systems

Custom Display

Showroom Design and In-Store Environments

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