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pivotwing door display

MINI-PIVOT is a self-returning display system that guarantees a great presentation for every customer. It is a cost-effective solution to display small products such as cabinetry, blinds, roofing, siding and the like. It mounts to flat surfaces, peg board and slatwall; complimenting any gondola or in-bay display. Mini-pivot allows you to display multiple panels of varying sizes in any retail environment or showroom.


  • Self-returning function

  • Guarantees controlled customer communication

  • Easy lightweight assembly

  • Ideal for small, light products

  • Esthetic presentation

  • Easy one person installation

  • Cost effective

  • Mounts anywhere

  • Display any number of panels and sizes

  • Suits any retail environment or showroom


Environment: Rack, Gondola, Showroom, Tradeshow

Panel Counts: Any number of panels

Material: PVC

Finish: White

Location: Indoor

All PivotWing systems come with our NEW Lifetime Pivoting Performance Guarantee!

For more information, Call us toll-free at: 1-888-478-7284 x221 or send us an e-mail!

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