5 Reasons Why Your Customers’ Experience Should be AWESOME!

We’ve all heard the expression “First impressions are everything”. What if you rephrase the expression as “First experiences are everything”?

You can now better understand, engage and inspire your customer with the goal of making their experience AWESOME and positively unforgettable! Like first impressions, first customer experiences can make or break the start of a steady relationship filled with transactions.

Here are the 5 reasons why businesses are investing more into an outstanding customer experience:

1. Improves Customer Satisfaction A mediocre customer experience just isn’t enough. Expectations of consumers today are intensifying. Ensuring that your customers’ experience exceeds their expectations is an easy way to build customer satisfaction. A fully satisfied customer will contribute more than a somewhat satisfied customer and abundantly more than a completely dissatisfied customer. When customers feel a company has gone above and beyond to exceed customer satisfaction, their experience with the brand plays a big role. Can you satisfy your customer; What is the right product for my home and family? What is everything I need to know to ensure the job is done right?

2. Increases Customer Loyalty

It takes more money to gain a new customer than it does to maintain an existing customer. When a positive experience impacts your customer, they will remember you and continue to do business with you. Think about your experience after a first date. You have three potential results: impressed, maybe and never again. Impressed could lead to forever, but it definitely secures a second date with a high potential to lead to regular dates. Maybe does not guarantee the second date but maybe you’ll give it one final test to be certain. Never again… Well that speaks for itself – obviously it was a horrible experience and you never want to see that person… ever again. Think of the customer experience as a first date – an opportunity to impress and, if all goes well, start a long-lasting relationship (aka business transactions). Customer retention is a sure sign that your customer’s experience was incredible and that the life expectancy of your business has increased.

EXAMPLES OF DISPLAYS WORKING WELL FOR FIRST CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE: Left photo shows a custom paint display prepared for Behr, that includes over 190 color samples. Our MiniPivot™ 4wing is a self-returning panel system for light products and mounts in any retail environment. It has two styles: to protrude into the aisle or rest flush against any surface.

Right photo shows a custom merchandising display designed for Mitten, that accommodates 27 product lines and 3 different target markets.This interchangeable modular design can be used in-bay, on a gondola shelf, end cap or in the form of a freestanding display.

3. Enhances Customer Advocacy

Excellent customer experiences get talked about. With social media as a major channel, it is super easy for customers to post about their experiences, negative or positive, instantly online. People are also looking for the opinions of third-parties. Whether that be in conversation with friends or reviews written by experienced consumers, people are having conversations, posting/surfing searching for feedback and answers all the time. When the consumer has a positive experience, they automatically tend to promote that brand/product (whether they are aware of it or not). Social media is especially powerful in this sense. By creating a wonderful customer experience and pushing company standards above and beyond the average expectation, you will be sure to triumph the advocate out of every consumer. Customer advocacy is an exponential way to boost business and it is every company’s dream to have consumer brand ambassadors engaged in this manner.Your customers will advocate for you when: You help them get the exact right product for their home and family.You help them ensure they’ve installed it right, and with full knowledge of all the options.

4. Builds Trust and Emotional Connection

Everyone likes to feel important and everyone likes to be noticed. The same goes for your customers, they love being acknowledged and treated in a unique way. The more you can customize the experience for each individual, the more trust you build with the customer because they value feeling cared for. When they feel they have experienced the feeling that you genuinely care, a deeper connection starts to develop.Consistent customer experience along with consistent customer satisfaction increase the trust being built in your brand’s relationship with your consumer. The longer you maintain the trust, the more personal the relationship will become.

5. Differentiates You from Your Competition

When businesses invest in providing unique customer experiences, consumers take notice and compare to your competition. Again, using the first date analogy, did he/she show up on time? Did you open the door for the lady/did he open the door for you? Did you go out of your way to pick up flowers/were you surprised with flowers? At the close of the night, did you go above and beyond to leave the car running, get out of the car, walk her to the door and politely say goodnight? As cliché as this all may sound, when we are in search of something we give opportunities first to the first impression and leave with the experience. The first impression is the door opener, the experience is what gets taken home.

Consumers will remember which brand provided the best experience and will base their decision to purchase on this. Thereafter, if the customer is completely satisfied, you can expect to see them again (score!). If your company maintains consistency of the customer experience and customer satisfaction, you can expect the long-lasting relationship you were looking for.

So, have you told your product story starting from where your customer needs to start (not just from where your product gets discussed 😊)?

Have you held the customer’s hand through the entire purchase process? Have you enabled and empowered your customer to make the right decisions, from product selection through to successful installation? This is just the start to building your own Awesome Customer Experience.

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