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Wallmount PivotWing™ IN-LINE
  • Wallmount PivotWing™ IN-LINE



    Pricing in USD, all taxes included

    For all Canadian orders contact us directly at

    Shipping FREE to USA & Canada

    Volume discount: save up to over 35% for volume and multi-location programs 

    For the volume orders contact us directly at





      Product Dimension: Product fits into 8' ceiling with standard 6'8" doors. Please click here for product dimension information

      Retail environment:  Rack, Gondola, Showroom

      Panel Counts: Up to 5 panels per unit

      Shipping details: shipping size 24"x10"x4" shipping weight > 45 lbs

      Up to 3 displays shipping is FREE

      Finish: stock or custom colors available

      Load capacity: 600 lbs / Pivot. We reserve the right to test the configuration

      Guarantee: All PivotWing systems come with our NEW Lifetime Pivoting™ Performance Guarantee!

      Racking not included.


      PivotWing™ is a solution we created to aesthetically present your doors and any other building products (windows, siding, roofing any many more) with elegance, easily set up and reset, change out products, integrate communications and suit all formats, environments and applications. 

      Mount panels up to 3" thick, directly to any flat surface. You can place as many units end to end as you like for a consistent presentation. Panels self-return to reduce damage and provide the same presentation to each customer. Choose left or right resting displays, or a combination. Our patented Pivots will not break or bind. Guaranteed!

      Racking not included.

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