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Do you want to increase same store space facings potential UP TO 4X ?

Pivot WingTM – FOREVER pivoting display system for all small products… and BIG stories!

Help your customers buy better, buy smarter and buy more!We never stop innovating… The Pivot WingTM system is ideal for big bulky products and now for thosemiscellaneous smaller products that need lots of facings. Turn your cluttered dump bins or limited shelving space like slot walls, pegboards or bay into multiplied, the beautiful organization with up to FOUR TIMES the facing potential.

generic showroom with pivot wing, mini pivot and signage system for doors and windows


Traditional Gondola, Big Box, Showrooms & more…

  • Tools and bits

  • Gates & Fencing

  • Animal Care and Feed

  • Feeders & Waterers

  • Pet Food & Supplies

  • Cabinet Hardware

  • Fasteners

  • Mulches & Soils

  • Trailers & Sheds

Plus much much MORE ...

Let’s Talk!

We would love to learn more about your business and help you discover how Strath Elgin can work for you! Qualified prospects may be entitled to a complimentary store test while supplies last. Call us today to learn more about this offer: 1-888-478-7284 x221 ​

Go ahead. Challange us!

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