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Classic PivotWing


Add Ons:

Environment: Rack, Gondola, Showroom

Panel Counts: up to 10

Material: Cast Aluminum, Steel

Indoor / Outdoor: Both

PivotWing Door Display

The original Pivoting Display system! Display any product from doors and windows to siding, tile, and roofing... and more! We use a unique 3-part composite in our Pivot, meaning our displays will not break and will not bind. Guaranteed! PivotWing systems return to their original position automatically, and they remain load-bearing throughout the entire pivot cycle. 

Racking not included.

10 door display
10Wing building product display.jpg
PivotWing 10 panel display.jpg
BMC 10w model (INT doors).png
10wing building product display

Load Capacity: 600 lbs / Pivot

Shipping Weight: >45 lbs.

Shipping Size: 18in x 12in x 10in

Finish: base: Natural, Header: Zinc

Performance Guarantee logo

All PivotWing systems come with our NEW Lifetime Pivoting Performance Guarantee!

For more information, Call us toll-free at: 1-888-478-7284 x221 or send us an e-mail!

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