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Go BIG with our MINI

There’s a new buzz in the retail industry about automated experiential displays that curb the need to be manually rearranged for a neat presentation after every customer use. These systems are especially essential in case of graphic communications that are intended to be visually delivered in a specific sequence.

Strath Elgin was recently approached by one of our clients with a similar need for a new merchandising display that would roll out into big box retail stores across Canada. After an in-depth research on the current industry needs and comprehensive product development and prototyping, we invented our new line of self-returning retail display solution, The MINI-PIVOT.

Mini-Pivot is a cost-effective solution to display small products such as cabinetry, blinds, roofing, siding and the like. It mounts to flat surfaces, peg board and slatwall; complimenting any gondola or in-bay display. Mini-pivot allows you to display multiple panels of varying sizes in any retail environment or showroom.

  • Self-returning function

  • Guarantees controlled customer communication

  • Easy lightweight assembly

  • Ideal for small, light products

  • Esthetic presentation

  • Easy one person installation

  • Cost effective

  • Mounts anywhere

  • Display any number of panels and sizes

  • Suits any retail environment or showroom

Need a results-driven modular retail display? At Strath Elgin we know all about marketing-at-retail. We'd love to work with you.

Give us a call today to start your next project 1 (888) 478-7284.

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