Performance doors/windows & door lites displays for hard-working marketers

Barrie Trim Showroom retail door displays for interior and exterior doors
Barrie Trim Showroom door displays


Still struggling to effectively and efficiently display your products? All PivotWingTM displays always self-return for a perfect presentation Guaranteed Forever! Our pivots will never break or wear out.

"We appreciate the quality - and keeps us organized! Thank you!" Barrie Trim & Mouldings Inc.

1. Golden State Lumber Showroom Product: WallMount Inline PivotWing™

Our patented WallMount PivotWing™ Display System, enhancing the showroom interior doors presentation of Golden State Lumber. Easy, one-person installation.

2. Masonite Doors at Castle Building Center Product: Rack PivotWing™ Ten Wing

PivotWing™ pivoting door displays that can be used in any retail environment: rack, showroom, gondola.

3. Masonite Doors at Castle Building Center Product: Rack PivotWing Inline

Perfect display solution for a rack, big box, wall. Enhance your presentation adding kickplates, handholds, and signage.

4. HomeStory of Orange County Product: Wallmount PivotWing 10Wing

Sleek and clean retail display solution for small showrooms. You can present 10 interior doors using a self-returning PivotWingsystem. One person easy installation, guaranteed to perform forever!


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