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ONE DISPLAY SYSTEM For all your environments from Rack to Showroom to Gondola

The Retail Makeover #1

Project description:

Our client came to us with the need to display a mix of interior doors within an 8’ bay in both big box retail locations and showrooms. They wanted to create a display that would effectively showcase the samples and educate the customer on the rest of the product line. The concept was both flexible and powerful.


  • effectively showcase the samples

  • educate customers on the product line

  • easy to install and update


  • 5 panel InLine and 5 panel Corner InLine PivotWingTM system for a sophisticated door presentation

  • hand-hold graphics with product specs and detailed information

  • one person, one-day installation, interchangeable anytime

How to bring your retail vision to life? At Strath Elgin, we strive to exceed your expectations. From concept to execution and beyond - our creative approach to visual merchandising and display will bring your retail vision to life! Want to do this for your business? Call us Now for a Free Consultation!

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