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Tips for Designing a Showroom that Truly Inspires Your Customers Tip#1

Tip #1: Allow Customers to Fully Experience and Understand Your Product

Why is there a need for customers to visit your store instead of just looking at your products online? Well, they are not only looking for face-to-face customer service, but also to fully experience your products in person. Look, touch and feel are especially important in the building products industry. Colours and textures of tiles, flooring, paint, roofing or siding can look completely different from pictures. Your customer wants to get to know your products on an up-close and personal level. They want to see how it looks in natural light and verify if it will compliment what is already existing at home. Evidence and trust are the key factors here. Having a showroom that strengthens their interest is important, but what is powerful is when you can INSPIRE them with more ideas and possibilities!

Create displays that welcome visitors to interact with products, answer all their questions, provide options and lead them through a simple purchase process. Educate, build trust and be sure you have samples they can take home. They took the time to come, make it worth it!

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