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The Retail Makeover #3: Why our customers still love PIVOT WING… even after 10+ years of performance

showroom display for doors

The Retail Makeover #3

Project description:

We checked in to see Barrie Trim & Mouldings Inc. after they recently refreshed their entire showroom. They've been using our Corner InLine door display to display some of Masonite's finest door panels for over a decade! Do they still perform as well as they did 10 years ago? Let's see!...


trade show displays

  • Incorporate retail displays into NEW showroom style and concept

  • Present a variety of full-size interior doors with self-returning panels

  • Create displays that welcome visitors to interact with products

  • Easy integration of door presentation enhancements with new hand-holds, headers and any other educational materials

  • Present a lot of products using very little space

  • Quick & easy one-person installation

  • High-quality displays that will not break, bend or make noise

  • Avoid purchasing new displays & save money

trade show door displays

  • Easy to uninstall for renovation

  • One person can easily reinstall

  • Easy to incorporate into a new look & feel

  • Easy to create that ‘built-in’ showroom look

  • A sophisticated & clean multi-door presentation

  • Self-returns to the original position every time, guaranteed FOREVER

  • Suits any retail environment: rack, gondola, showroom

The Result:


Over a decade later… and it looks like PivotWing™ still hits the nail on the head!

Are you still looking to create some awesome door/window displays?

Let us help you customize your very own seamless PivotWing™ display system!

Why buy pivoting displays that fail to perform or withstand the test of time?

Our proprietary Pivot Wing™ System is guaranteed to pivot... FOREVER! …Try finding that offer anywhere else!

Go ahead. Challenge us!

retail displays with interior doors at the showroom

photographer: Natalia Zuk Photography

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