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Paint Display: An inside look behind the scenes: Project Behr Paint

paint retail display for Behr paints

Strath Elgin’s marketing team gives us a look at the full production, from concept to finish of the Behr Exterior Paint Display, using a customized version of our stock MiniPivot™ 4 Wing. Over 150 color chip samples, a variety of textures, and delivering to multiple destinations throughout the country were just a few of the challenging details we had to face and conquer! How did we turn the program rollout into a success? Watch this short video to find out:

The little details make a BIG difference! We are more than just what is in the box. What can we do for YOU?

At Strath Elgin we believe that inspired & educated customers buy better, buy smarter and buy more! Since 1987, Strath Elgin has been creating easy-to-use displays that organize the buying process into familiar, manageable patterns.

We help ambitious marketers, like you, create inspiring & seamlessly successful in-store spaces that grow sales... and eat the competitors for breakfast!

Worry no more! We take care of your project from start to finish, so you don’t have to!

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