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5 Ways to Enhance Your Marketing-at-Retail Strategy

When developing your next in-store marketing strategy, you may want to consider a holistic approach to enhance your retail landscape as opposed to incorporating only one or two store design elements. This is a sure-fire way to maximize your ROI, elevate your brand awareness, and increase your profits. Consider these elements when creating your next marketing-at-retail strategy.

1. A Neat Presentation that will Attract the Right Customers

The presentation of your store's merchandise will have a great impact on your customer’s decision to buy or not. A well-planned and carefully executed presentation will elevate your brand awareness, increase product appeal and promote impulse purchases.

2. Colourful Signage to Inspire More Purchases

A recent study revealed that 68% of shoppers are more likely to make a purchase after seeing a sign. Colour also plays an important role in the decision-making process. In a recent study, buying behaviour was monitored and the results reconfirmed that more than 80% of shoppers were influenced by the colour of a sign. Red-orange, blue and black are associated with increased impulse purchases whereas navy blue and teal resulted in fewer purchases by conservative shoppers.

3. Educational Product Information that will Engage Your Customers

Providing product information can be an incredible asset to your in-store marketing program. In most cases you are only able to display a few samples so by incorporating a QR code, brochure or other piece of literature – you can expand the knowledge of your product line and effectively engage your customers.

4. Product Samples to Enhance the Customer Experience

As one of the most effective tactics in the history of marketing, product samples will increase your sales and help facilitate customer loyalty. Allowing your customer to touch and feel the product sets the tone for the rest of the product line. It builds trust and allows them to experience the brand in a tangible way.

5. Functional POP Displays to Promote Impulse Sales

POP Displays are a great investment as they often yield a more profitable outcome than advertising and promotional expenditures. Not only will you create brand identity and awareness, you will increase unplanned purchases by up to 450%. An informed customer buys better, buys smarter and buys more.

At Strath Elgin we know all about marketing-at-retail. We'd love to work with you. Give us a call today to start your next project 1 (888) 478-7284.

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